From Discreet Diamond Timepieces to Elegant Emerald Watches

 - Jul 27, 2015
Beautiful stone-encrusted watches are a simple way to add a classic accessory to a wardrobe. The various stylistic approaches to stone-studded watches come in forms such as the elegant Limelight Blooming Rose Watch designed by the Swiss jewelry house Piaget. This flower-mimicking watch is a feminine accessory that boasts a luxurious tone.

There are also playful timepieces that incorporate precious stones such as the De Bethune’s unorthodox ‘Dream Watch 5,' which looks like a miniature spaceship. The titanium-made timepiece features a crown adorned with a ruby that is designed to look like the spaceship’s engine.

With numerous options for stones -- from diamonds to rubies -- these luxurious timepieces are a dazzling display of wrist adornments. The traditional style of stone-encrusted watches can be modernized to suit many styles including feminine, nostalgic and casual. For those with a disposable income, these watches are a wonderful way to add a glamorous, yet discreet accessory.