This Feminine Ulysse Nardin Watch is Bedecked with Rubies

The Royal Ruby Tourbillon is a gorgeous Ulysse Nardin watch set with tons of precious stones. The color and the name of the watch alludes that it's loaded with rubies — 12 of them — plus, 48 diamonds.

The tourbillion at the centre of the watchfaces seems to float amidst the rosy backpiece. This particular Ulysse Nardin watch will be limited to 99 editions, but it is refreshing to see a feminine design from the watchmaker in Switzerland. With so many jewels decorating the watchpiece, it's almost more like jewelry than a timekeeper. The watch has beautiful details, like the small rubies that denote the hours on the watch.

Ulysse Nardin also has a companion to the Royal Ruby Tourbillon, a Royal Blue Tourbillon which is equally as brilliant with its combination of sapphires and diamonds.