The Endless Lights Lamps Create a Cloudy and Ethereal Atmosphere

 - Aug 5, 2014
References: bramvanderbeke & designboom
'Endless Lights' is a series of three ethereally designed lamps created by Bram Vanderbeke. The lamps are fitted with movable translucent mirrors. By looking into this embedded reflective surface, viewers are treated to hypnotizing patterns and colors that aim to provide a feeling of existentialism.

The Endless Lights lamps' circular faces are highly reminiscent of a psychic's crystal ball, and help recreate one's surroundings in a playfully manipulative manner. The lamp shapes are cast in resin' this material -- and the fact that light is located on the inside -- creates a cloudy atmosphere.

According to the designer, these lamp designs were borne out of a desire to give people "the possibility to place themselves in endlessness, and create a place to stare in and dream".

Photo Credits: designboom, bramvanderbeke