This Silver Pentagram Bracelet from Empty Casket is Witchy

This Pentagram Bracelet from e-retailer Empty Casket is crafted out of sterling silver materials. The elegant jewelry piece is made up of various pentagram pendants that celebrate the five-pointed star symbol.

Throughout history, the pentagram has been used as a symbol of both good and evil depending on how it is displayed. With the fashion world's spiritual revival in full effect, witchy fashions are gaining immense popularity among young style-setters. These fashion lovers are looking to go against the grain and instead try something that's a little more daring.

Thanks to this recent fad, Empty Casket's Pentagram Bracelet is the perfect way to try out the popular look yourself. Thought the elegant bracelet is inspired by Occult imagery, its design is subtle and chic rather than too over-the-top.