- Dec 11, 2014
These raver hairstyles range from blue-haired dye applications to male ombre looks that are inspired by fashion's Seapunk subculture.

These unconventional and daring hairstyles are a nod to nostalgia and may remind one of the 90s and its grunge scene. If you've ever been a fan of retro Anime cartoons, electronic music or grungy rock tunes, you'll appreciate this list of modern yet nostalgic hairstyles.

Standouts from this list include multi-colored and aquatic looks that are displayed in a palette of saturated colors. These raver hairstyles are the opposite of subtle and are non-traditional in their look.

In addition to their 90s references, these raver hairstyles also pay tribute to the 80s and are a nod to edgy punk rock styling.

From Blue-Haired Bob Cuts to Crimson Mermaid Tresses: