- Dec 11, 2014
With celebrities like Katy Perry, Lena Dunham, Nicole Richie, Lily Allen and Kylie Jenner leading the way on how to rock dramatic hair dye, it's apparent that vibrant hair colors are no longer just for rebellious teens. In place of blacks, browns and blondes, rainbow colors like electric blue and bright cherry red are being adopted by adventurous adults, turning hair into a focal point.

In place of the basic ombré that took the fashion world by storm several years ago, some of the most dynamic dyed hair looks are now being styled to include diagonals and intricate patterns.

If the idea of committing to a crazy color freaks you out, there are plenty of products like temporary extensions, powders and sprays to test out a pop of color that's not permanent.

From Two-Tone Hair Extensions to Painted Hair Pictorals: