Matt de Jong's Newest Pictorial Features My Little Pony Looks

Two of the most directional hair looks for this fall are colorful pastel hair and thick, blunt bangs that fall right above the eyebrows. For people who can't commit to coloring or cutting their hair, My Little Pony-inspired pink colored clip-in extensions are the easy alternative to showing off a manga-meets-Rooney Mara look.

Fashion designer Matt de Jong's recent pictorial 'Lost Property,' photographed by Robbert Jacobs, captures the youthful mood of the collection. Thanks to hairstylist Charlie Breemer's colorful hair accessory, a girly but disheveled look is becoming a the must-have style. According to de Jong, the collection explores the "mix and match" look. Now, we have the option to mix and match our hair along with our clothes.