The Editorial for 'Star Bédard' Emphasizes Pristine Puffy Hairs

 - Oct 13, 2013
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Photographer Éric Bourret teases things up in his editorial for 'Star Bédard.' The photographs zoom in on hairstyles that would take hours to master. With different colors, cuts and textures there is so much variety in this series.

The backgrounds fade into color around the edges and complement the wild hairstyles that are the focus of each picture. One model sits hunched over in a chair with her pouffy up-do falling down the side of her face. She wears dark purple eyeshadow and a plum colored lipstick that adds an edge to the look. She is also covered in a lacy bodysuit that folds over her black pumps. The look is punk-like and prissy at the same time as the model's expression is condescending and prude.

'Star Bédard' is in for a spread that is sure to inspire many interesting hairstyles for this October.