This Shoot Puts Crazy Hairstyles for Men with Louis Vuitton Fashion

Document Magazine’s Fall/Winter 2013 issue contains quite an eccentric editorial that juxtaposes crazy hairstyles for men with the Louis Vuitton menswear collection for Autumn/Winter 2013.

The ‘Vuitton Party Boys’ spread takes the impeccable fashion direction of James Valeri and combines it with hairstyling by Jimmy Paul. The result is an eccentric mix of unique hairstyles for men plus cozy gear for the cooler months of the year. Somehow, the mix of over-the-top hairstyling and beautiful Vuitton garments work harmoniously well together.

Some of the crazy hairstyles in this Document Magazine feature include crimped straw-like hair that is messily piled atop the head of the model, a head piled with tons and tons of braids and a feminine style that is reminiscent of a 1960s flip.