From Gory Anatomy Sweaters to Sloth-Inspired Gamer Apparel

 - Feb 17, 2014
The newest and hottest thing in urban fashion right now is digital print sweaters.

With garment technology moving forward, digital fabric printing has become easier for labels to afford and therefore has become more wide spread. The Internet has also helped push this sweater style. Now small designers can set up shop on the Internet without needing an actual building. The variety of prints is essentially endless, with so many opportunities to create a one of a kind custom piece.

Some of the best examples of digital print sweaters are the ones where the print goes all over the garment. There are a lot of food-themed designs, from piles of candy hearts to diet-killing cupcakes. Pop culture is also very prevalent, especially because of the young client base on the web. Probably the best example of a pop culture themes sweaters is a massive image of Kim Kardashian crying.