This Smoking Monkey Shirt is Totally Trippy

 - Dec 13, 2013
References: romwe
This monkey shirt is everything your immature 12-year-old self ever wanted. Not only does it have nature's most hilarious animal, it also has him getting wacky with some tabbacky. Wear this smokin' sweater out and everyone will know what a rad dudette you really are.

The design on this monkey shirt is banana-bendingly trippy. On the front of the charcoal polyester sweater is a print of a monkey smoking. The smoke of that somethin' somethin' is streaming up over one of his eyes.

Luckily, he wont get anything in his eye. Don't worry, he's wearing protective sunglasses. In the reflection of the sunnies you can clearly see that he is experiencing some funny colors. The reflections in glasses are psychedelic and surreal.

On the back the same image is repeated except this time the words "Smoking Monkey Business" is written at the bottom of the print.