Bring the Loud with Fab's Sharply Photorealistic Sweaters

 - Jan 30, 2013
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These photorealistic sweaters will certainly get you noticed in pretty much any setting.

Is your day going to the dogs? You can let everyone know with the puppy version of Fab's Mr. Gugu and Miss Go lines of sweaters. Does your day need some more 'pop' to it? Deck yourself out in a popcorn sweater. Feeling a little spaced out? There's a nebulous sweater for you. Maybe you're stressed out and feeling like you're going to erupt. There's a volcano version for days like that.

Fab's website sums these unique fashion statements best: "Subtlety? That’s not for us. We want clothes for the brave, clothes that get noticed, clothes that turn heads on every corner." With these photorealistic sweaters, it's mission accomplished on that front.