This Hamburger Sweater by Mr Gugu and Miss Go Looks Realistic

 - Sep 2, 2012
References: mrgugumissgo.bigcartel
The Hamburger Sweater by Mr Gugu and Miss Go is designed to look like a juicy double patty burger. Topped with an assortment of toppings -- lettuce, tomato, cheese and beefy goodness -- this sweater will keep your body temperature and your appetite in check.

Made to be worn by both women and men, the Hamburger Sweater by Mr. Gugu and Miss Go Looks will allow you to wrap yourself in the arms of a fast food favorite (minus the guilt-ridden thoughts after its impulsive consumption).

Fast food has become a lifestyle for many, especially since harder economic times have hit. Will the idolization of fast food become more or less prominent in the years to come as people try to balance their cheque books and their health?