- Jul 9, 2015
While ultra modern and artisanal furniture continue to be coveted household pieces, food-themed furniture sits comfortably in the ranks as the funkiest furniture around. While these pieces aren't actually edible, each item is sure to add a unique flair to any home.

Eco-friendly wicker comforts bring the fruit bowl poolside. This interesting gazebo portrays a modern aesthetic while taking shape of a giant apple. Teatime egg chairs add a creative sense of style to any kitchen while egg-shaped cribs bring that same creativity to the nursery. Fast food dishes also make great food-themed furniture. Giant cheeseburger chairs make the perfect playroom accent when paired with McDonald's-themed seating.

Food-themed furniture also includes a vast amount of banana-inspired pieces -- from giant banana loungers to split banana seating.

From Baked Potato Beanbag Chairs to Sunny Side Up Seating: