The Zjedzony is Inspired by the Vibrant & Tasty Yellow Fruit

 - May 8, 2012
References: wamhouse & whitezine
The Zjedzony chair may have an impossible name to pronounce, but its shape is familiar to anyone with a balanced diet. Everything about this funky furniture piece is inspired by the banana, from its vibrant yellow exterior and white interior cushions to its peel-like shape and black stand. The luxurious piece is so evocative of the delectable fruit that ad campaigns for it even feature monkeys eating the chair. To say that its makers went overboard with the concept would be an understatement.

Zjedzony, which means "eaten" in Polish, was thought up by design studio Wamhouse. The sheer originality of the piece is enough to warrant extended conversations between those who encounter the chair, but its sleek style ensures that it’ll also be a welcomed addition to anyone’s living area.