This Garbage Bin and Toilet Brush Keep Your Space Chic and Tidy

 - Jun 28, 2013
This scrumptious-looking trash bin and toilet brush adds a sweet touch to every washroom. The ‘Cherry Bin’ garbage can and ‘Cherry’ lavatory brush by Thailand-based company Qualy incorporate the shape of a delicious fruit to home tools that serve mundane purposes.

Shaped immaculately like a perfect fruit, the Cherry Bin and Cherry disguise mess inside its sleek red fruit. When the green stem is pulled to open the lid of the garbage can, the Cherry Bin will reveal a pile of trash. After usage, the Cherry Bin goes back to looking sleek and stylish. The Cherry toilet cleaner uses the cherry’s stem as the lavatory brush’s handle. This, too, can easily be pulled and closed. The Cherry brush is not only aesthetically pleasing, but is a smart way to store the not so aesthetically pleasing cleaning tool.