The 3:1:1 Apple Stool by Amelia Hsuan Chen is Amazingly Modular

 - May 29, 2013
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Shaped like an apple when all of its pieces are assembled together, the 3:1:1 Apple Stool designed by Amelia Hsuan Chen is a cute piece of furniture that is highly interactive.

Three different pieces fit together like a puzzle with multiple solutions as they can be arranged to create different forms to suit different functions. First, the stools form a small side table that can be ironically used to display a bowl of fruit, then they separate into separate seats with interestingly curved lines and finally, they can be stacked in different ways to create shelving or podium-styled arrangements.

With the sweet 3:1:1 Apple Stool design by Amelia Hsuan Chen, you can change the setting of your living room each day.