From Camel Burgers to Foie Gras French Toast

 - Jan 20, 2015
There are some restaurant dishes out there that will leave you scratching your head in confusion due to their sheer peculiarity. But upon deeper reflection, some of these culinary creations are works of genius.

There are a number of reasons why restaurants might want to put together completely unique and never-before-seen dishes. For one, their chefs may genuinely be trying to push the boundaries of gastronomic excellence by fusing seemingly incompatible ingredients or cuisines in search of a new culinary holy grail. In other cases, it's purely a matter of attracting publicity by doing something ridiculous.

Personally, I think putting wasabi on burgers is a fantastic idea and I'm left wondering why wasabi hasn't always been a staple at my local junk food joint. Chocolate and marshmallows on poutine? That doesn't quite float my boat as much but that's just me. This assortment of unique restaurant dishes is sure to tempt, surprise and mystify.