The World's Most Expensive Burger Costs Nearly Two Grand

A restaurant in London is boasting that it has created the world's most expensive burger. The Honky Tonk restaurant might not sound glamorous, but it is home to the 'Glamburger.' Created by head chef Chris Large, the glamburger retails for an astronomical $1,800.

So, what makes this burger so special? For starters, it features beluga caviar, smoked duck egg coated in gold leaf, maple syrup bacon and black truffle brie. The bun is dusted with Japaense match, mayonnaise and again, golf leaf -- because what burger is complete without thinly hammered sheets of precious metal? The burger is garnished with mango and champagne jus, and is served with a Canadian lobster for good measure.

I know you don't think there could be anything heftier than the price tag, but there is: the calorie count clocks in at an astonishing 2,618! You'll be leaving this meal with your pockets empty and your zipper undone.