- Feb 5, 2015
These ethnic flavor innovations range from fried shrimp parfaits to microwavable bean curries that are ready in mere minutes. As ethnic food becomes the norm in urban centers, fusion restaurants, convenient gourmet meals and unconventional desserts are on the rise.

While exotic foods used to be exclusive to culturally authentic restaurants, they can now be enjoyed right at home thanks to frozen and microwavable products that are both tasty and easy to make. In addition to DIY samosa recipes and microwavable Mandarin chicken meals, other standouts from this list include camp-ready micro meals that are pre-made and packaged for outdoor enthusiasts.

Restaurateur Jennifer Scism's Good To-Go range offers gourmet meals to camping enthusiasts who can enjoy dehydrated versions of Herbed Mushroom Risotto, Smoked Three Bean Chili and Thai Curry recipes.

In the fine dining sector, exotic garnishes like ants are being paired with fresh seafood while Japanese Wasabi ingredients are becoming used to create some unlikely recipes including cupcake and decadent truffle desserts.

When examining the grocery retail industry, the demand for e-commerce has spilled over into the food market, leading companies to set-up an abundance of meal deliveries and grocery subscription services. Along with these convenient services, companies are offering boxed gourmet meals and exotic spice kits that encourage creativity in the kitchen.

From Fried Shrimp Parfaits to Microwavable Bean Curries: