This Paleo-Friendly Satay Sauce Uses Almonds in Place of Peanut Butter

This Paleo Almond Satay Sauce from the Rubies and Radishes blog swaps one nut for another and packs on a variety of Thai-inspired flavor for added interest and spice.

Rather than using peanut butter, the recipe is made with a base of almond butter, paired with tangerine, lime, ginger, coconut aminos, spicy bits of pepper and a Paleo-friendly fish sauce, such as Red Boat. With all of these Asian-inspired flavors, the highly sweet taste of almond butter is cut with salty and spicy ingredients. The great thing about this satay sauce is that it can be thickened or thinned as needed for dipping, stir-frying, marinades or as a salad dressing, and the spiciness can just as easily dialed up or scaled back depending on your preference.