- Jul 23, 2015
These delicious fruit salads make the perfect culinary accents for any backyard cookouts. While a lettuce-infused salad is a traditional go-to, these salads are just as easy to make while also being just as delicious.

Watermelon is quite the popular fruit when it comes to fruit salads. In First Mess' Summery Melon Salad, watermelon is juxtaposed with honeydew and cucumber, while a grilled watermelon salad offers a Mediterranean vibe. For a chilling kick, mint salad is a healthy salad dish that pairs fresh mint leaves with sweet kiwis and blueberries.

These tasty fruit salads also include edible salad bowls. Smitten Kitchen's Avocado Cups utilize avocado as a fruit salad bowl, whereas Minimalist Baker's papaya boats offer fruit salads inside a hallow papaya.

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