Wanderlust Kitchen's Recipe is a Cooling Summer Treat with a Spicy Kick

Despite being so simple and easy to make, this Thai Tomato Salad recipe from The Wanderlust Kitchen is packed with flavor. Unlike a traditional salad with lots of leafy greens, the vibrant red color of tomatoes dominate this Thai-inspired recipe.

From limes to fish sauce and water, one unusual thing about this salad is that there are a lot of liquids involved—but this just means that there’s plenty of room for the tomatoes to marinate in all of those good juices. As for the addition of fish sauce, which might seem odd to those who don't use it often, this Thai cooking staple just adds a salty, savory flavor to the dish. Topped off with some cilantro, this tomato salad makes a perfectly refreshing side dish for Thai recipes and other summer meals.