From Gooey Green Tea Confections to Ramen Caramel Brownies

 - Oct 23, 2015
These exotic caramel creations range from gooey green tea confections to ramen caramel brownies that transform a convenient and savory Asian dish into an indulgent and sugary treat. In addition to Thai caramel bites and lemongrass cupcakes that feature a rich caramel glaze, other notable examples include unexpected garnishes like caramelized fish sauces.

In addition to being a popular topping for Asian ice creams, caramel fish sauce is also a popular addition to glazed chicken recipes and even Thai curry bowls. Furthermore, exotic caramel varieties like miso soup candies and even tropical liquors showcase the familiar autumn ingredient in a new light.

Fueled by experimental food bloggers and emerging snack brands, unexpected flavor mashups are expanding far beyond fast food and are growing more common in the realm of confections, casual beverages and craft cocktails.