These Candy Caramel Pieces from Gearhearts Fine Chocolates Taste Like Miso

While the rich flavor of caramel is rarely thought of as anything other than sweet, this candy caramel creation from Gearhearts Fine Chocolates is out to change that notion.

Beyond just being sprinkled with a few toasted sesame seeds, Gearhearts Fine Chocolates describes the "pleasing saltiness and rich umami of Japanese Miso" is part of what makes the textured 'Miso Caramels' so interesting.

Since caramel is so often paired with chocolates, sweet spices and fruits, there is hardly ever any room for savory flavors to come to the surface. By introducing the "fifth taste" that's associated with smooth umami flavors, this allows the experience of eating caramel to happen in an entirely new way. The combination of miso and caramel may not be one that most people would ordinary jump at the chance to try, but in the form of a candy, it seems much more appetizing.