This Light and Refreshing Summer Salad Uses Mozzarella and Watermelon

 - Jun 9, 2015
References: cupofjo
This delicious watermelon salad recipe is a quick and nutritious option to work into a summer barbecue. In order to create this beautiful, refreshing salad, one must acquire one watermelon, three slices of fresh mozzarella, plus a bit of mint, basil, almonds and walnuts. Additionally, each plate is dressed with olive oil and sea salt.

First, the watermelon must be carved into a circular slab on that is approximately one-inch thick and has had the rind removed. Once the watermelon slices have been plated, each is delicately topped with several slices of mozzarella followed by a selection of mint and basil. Finally, the pretty summer salad is topped with a handful of chopped walnuts and almonds and then dressed with olive oil and sea salt.