From Anti-Aging Chocolates to Intergalactic Meal Replacements

 - Jul 26, 2015
Whether you are looking for the latest food hybrid recipes or want to know what is happening in the world of restaurant decor, these July 2015 food products offer considerable insight into the food industry. These ideas on the future of food will be relevant for advertisers and marketers as well as chefs, aspiring chefs, restaurant owners and retailers.

Given many are enjoying warmer weather, innovative cold dishes and drinks are emerging. Many bloggers are providing recipes that better meet dietary restrictions and lifestyle choices. This can be seen in vegan desserts, dairy-free options and more. The desire for simple, natural ingredients in July 2015 food products is also reflected in food packaging design, from pastry packages to fresh produce.

In restaurants, there is a return to nostalgic and vintage elements. This could be indicative of the emotional ties people have to food, including memory.