Ramadan Garden by Ghaf Kitchen Celebrates the Holy Month

 - Jun 25, 2015
References: buro247
Dubai food establishment Ghaf Kitchen's latest venture is a pop-up Ramadan Garden cafe. The eatery is currently set up inside the city's A4 Gallery and is the place to be for those enjoying the Holy Month's traditional Iftar or Suhoor meals.

Though urban and somewhat industrial, this communal cafe lives up to its Ramadan Garden name thanks to its greenery accents and hanging planter decor. In addition to its fresh plants and herbs, the pop-up kitchen also prides itself on locally grown ingredients and boasts a menu that is both traditional and tasty.

Ghaf Kitchen's pop up cafe is not only equipped with a dining area but is also home to lounge and gaming spaces that encourage a sense of community among its patrons. In addition to enjoying food with one another, visitors are able to connect while fasting. This eatery is reflective of the food industry's recent, cultural focus. Adhering to religious diets during Holy Month, this contemporary pop-up serves up a mix of modernity and tradition.