Noshu's Handmade Desserts Feature No Added Sugars

 - Jun 9, 2015
With a slogan like "all love, no sugar," Australian confections brand Noshu creates sugar-free donuts that are both tasty and guilt-free. The company's treats include artisanal flavors like Dark Chocolate and Raspberry, Caramel Spice and Banana and Coconut.

Each of these handcrafted treats can be purchased in individual packs or boxes of half a dozen or a dozen. As sugar-free diets grow more popular among millennials, confectioners are finding new ways to market products that would otherwise be considered unhealthy.

Rather than avoiding a health-conscious demographic, brands like Noshu are promoting sugar-free donuts and other treats that let consumers indulge in a healthier way than ever before. In addition to its signature flavors, Noshu is set to introduce two new donuts in the coming months.