Dan Cretu Astounds with His Latest Designer Banana Art Series

 - Jun 12, 2015
References: dancretu.tumblr
Dan Cretu is an artistic food photographer who has created a stunning collection of designer banana artwork. This project is titled 'Bananametric' and features images containing a single banana dressed in a unique pattern. These images transform the edible fruit into an artist decor piece.

These decorative designer bananas are infused with brightly colored patterns like stripes and diamonds. The patterns on each banana are carved into the banana peel by hand. The bananas are also hand painted by Cretu himself. There is only one banana that incorporates the color yellow, otherwise the identity of each banana is completely altered. The only remaining factor of the original fruit is the traditional shape.

Cretu's project expresses a strange and silly side of his own personality. This fresh photography series of painted bananas looks technologically designed, but is all hand crafted.