This Parisian Patisserie Boasts a Stunning Factory-Inspired Interior

 - Jun 12, 2015
Designed by Retail Access, this factory-inspired Parisian patisserie is a stunning new flagship for the La Fabrique brand. Specializing in a wide range of pretty eclairs, the shop will function as both a production location and a point of sale for the brand.

Based off of the retail concept "L'eclair de Genie," the Parisian patisserie is a decked out in industrial materials that recall the factory atmosphere. The La Fabrique brand has a total of 90 different types of eclairs. The brand is backed by Christophe Adam, known for his fanatical eclairs.

The casual patisserie boutique features yellow and black color-branding and a suspended fluorescent lighting that highlights rustic features like sliding ladders, exposed electrical conduits and the colorful selection of eclairs desserts as well.