Chef Louisa Shafia's Lakh Lakh Pop-Up Brings Exotic Flavors to America

Although you might have trouble finding traditional Persian cuisine in most US restaurants, the Monday night food pop-up at Porcena's wine bar in New York City is the place to go.

Author of The New Persian Kitchen chef Louisa Shafia put together a series of dishes after Persian meals like Lakh Lakh Polo, a meal that also inspired the name of the temporary restaurant. Dining at Lakh Lakh takes you on a culinary trip across the country of Persia, from Indian and African-inspired flavors off of the Gulf to seafood dishes that remind of the Caspian Sea. Over the course of the fall, the menu will be ever-changing so that diners can come back time and time again and experience a variety of new and unfamiliar flavors—especially since dishes are priced between $5 and $7.