The Spicy Gourmet Supports Small Farmers Through Fair Trade

 - Aug 25, 2011
References: thespicygourmet & facebook
Dinesh Perera is The Spicy Gourmet. Born in Sri Lanka, he's been exposed to the finest spices since birth. He duly watched his grandaunt and grandmother take to the mortar and pestle while they prepared earthy-smelling feasts. Today, The Spicy Gourmet is a spice company with a social leaning. Prepared by small farmers in Sri Lanka and India, the spices have three certifications: USDA Organic, Trust Organic Small Farmers and Fair Trade.

It's pretty much gospel that organic farming is better for the farmers themselves, the environment, and of course, human health and wellbeing. But organic spices also add a level of complexity: they have a high level of trace elements that are crucial to ancient natural healing arts.

The Spicy Gourmet offers a range of spices including fennel seed, paprika powder, ceylon cinnamon quills, ceylon whole cloves, cumin seed and coriander. Blends include Ceylon Roast Blend, Tandoori Garam Masala and Thai Red Curry Blend. With all of the choice, The Spicy Gourmet's spice set collections are a safe bet to add a pinch of everything to the kitchen. Their website also offers delicious recipes for fresh takes on traditional dishes. Foodies beware: The Spice Gourmet Recipe Blog is like a tasty masala dish -- highly addictive.

With a people-centric business model, The Spicy Gourmet is good down to the last bite. And well, the Spice Girls' notorious mantra "Spice up your life" has never been more relevant.

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