These Spaghetti Muffins are the Perfect To-Go Dinner Option

Spaghetti muffins, created by a food blogger by the name of Pam, are ideal for families on-the-go. These scrumptious confectioneries are not your normal baked goods; they are muffins that act as a spaghetti dinner complete with cheese and meat sauce.

The ‘Spaghetti Pie Muffins’ are similar to a pasta casserole but easier to eat and perfect to pack in a lunch—especially a child’s lunch. The muffins are a fun alternative to bringing your messy leftovers to work. They can be warmed up in jiffy and won’t take up much freezer room.

Essentially, the Italian food-infused muffins are a gourmet meal to-go. You can now steer clear of fast-food and those plain old bologna sandwiches during your lunch hour. See the full recipe for yourself on Pam’s blog.