Haldiram's Rajma With Jeera Rice is Delicious and Nutritious

Rajma is one of those rare dishes that is a coveted delicacy despite being quite easy to cook. Particularly popular in the northern Indian state of Punjab, rajma is now popular around the world due to its delicious flavor, pleasing texture and nutritional value.

For those who lack the time, motivation or cooking ability to soak kidney beans overnight before currying them in onions, ginger, garlic and all kinds of spices, Haldiram's rajma with jeera rice is a godsend. This special combo meal comes to you from the Haldiram's brand's 'minute khana' (one minute meals) line of ready foods, and includes a richly flavored rajma along with jeera (cumin) rice.

This product is perfect if you're looking for a mildly spicy Indian kick but don't want to shell out to get ovepriced, poor quality food at your local buffet joint.