This Cassata Siciliana Recipe Puts a New Twist on an Old Favorite

 - Dec 17, 2014
References: food52 & food52
This Cassata Siciliana recipe puts a fresh twist on the classic Italian cake dessert. The confection is a favorite among native Sicilians and is often served during the Easter holiday and other special occasions. The indulgent cake is infused with chocolate, pistachio and ricotta ingredients, making it a rich tasting family favorite.

This Italian Cake recipe is topped with candied fruit garnish and sugary icing that is both delicious and decorative. Once topped with fruits like pears, apricots and even dried figs, this Cassata Siciliana recipe calls for a coat of glaze that ultimately results in its hardened exterior shell and candied taste. Try the dessert recipe this holiday or save it for your next Easter Day celebration.