From Superfood Breakfast Recipes to Deceiving Veggie Meatballs

 - Aug 18, 2015
These delicious quinoa dishes are the perfect choice for a healthy homemade meal. While quinoa was once seen as an obscure and exotic grain, the nutritious superfood has recently become a staple ingredient. From delicious entrees to sweet desserts, quinoa is a healthy way to enhance your favorite recipes.

Similar to other seeds and grains, quinoa often serves as a healthy meat alternative. Quinoa is a particularly good substitute for vegetarians because it is high in protein and other beneficial nutrients. The healthy grain acts as an excellent filling for meat-free dishes such as burgers, burritos and even meatballs.

While quinoa is common in many entrees, the gluten-free grain is also an excellent ingredient for baking. The versatile grain does not have a strong taste or texture which makes it easy to add to traditional dessert recipes. Some of these sweet quinoa dishes include cookies, granola bars and even chocolate pies.