Picky Palate Creates Pre-Made Meals that are Ready-to-Eat

 - Apr 9, 2015
References: picky-palate
Being healthy during hectic work weeks can be easy if people put aside a bit of time to pre-package meal ahead of time; enter the Chicken Veggie Bowls. This satisfying homemade meal takes very little time to whip up and can be conveniently portioned out into plastic containers to create a number of separate meal throughout the week.

Created by Picky Palate, the Chicken Veggie Bowls are made up of not only grilled chicken and steamed vegetables, but also rice and quinoa. Although frozen meals in grocery stores are becoming acceptable alternatives to fresher dishes, nothing beats something cooked at home. These Chicken Veggie Bowls are the best of both worlds that will appeal to parents and businesspeople alike. It will help them avoid lining up at the nearest fast food drive-thru.