Ushigoro Bambina's Big Burger is a Mess of Meat and Cheese

If you like your burgers tall, bunless and dripping in cheese, it's probably worth venturing to Japan's Ushigoro Bambina restaurant for a taste of Bambina's big burger.

Under all of that cheese, the Bambina Beef Burger consists of 260 grams of beef patties, bacon, onion and tomato. As far as burgers go, it's pretty simple ingredient-wise, but the look of it says otherwise. Although it's easier to call it a burger, the towering meal is more like an open-faced sandwich, since there's only a single bun buried underneath the massive food pile. As well, you've got to go at the burger with a knife and fork, unless you want your hands, face and everything else nearby to quickly become cheese-coated.