This Weed Bud Sweatshirt is So Real You Can Smell It

 - Dec 28, 2013
References: smoooothclothing
If you're trying to cut back on your time with your old girl Mary Jane, then this weed bud print top is something you should stay away from. Even non-smokers will take one look at this super clear and vivid digital print and be able to smell the skunk.

This unique printed weed bud sweatshirt is super dope and will definitely make you the coolest cat in the back of the parking lot. The graphic print on this shirt is all over the front, back and sleeves. It depicts a super close-up of a pile of fresh bud.

This sweater is mostly safe to wear in front of the parentals. At first glance, the design doesn't look scandalous at all. Someone who has never smoked would not recognize what it is and if they do, they are basically confessing to lighting a couple of dubbies in their youth.