- Jan 29, 2014
Marijuana smoker or not, there’s no denying these funky and psychedelic cannabis-themed fashions will turn heads on the street.

Marijuana isn’t everybody’s cup of tea but that doesn’t stop the making of these decadent, drug-inspired fashions that will seriously rock your world. Stylish sweaters with tasteful trippy prints baring the marijuana leaf all over make for fun winter apparel; not exactly appropriate for all settings but nonetheless fashionable. All green snapbacks featuring Helvetica print across ganja patterned material hold the same kind of hip and modern appeal, perfect for trips to the beach or skate-filled days at the park.

The designs boldly printed on all this attire may not blow over well with grandma -- or your boss -- but these cannabis-themed looks definitely put another kind of high in high fashion.

From Gnarly Gaja Kicks to Iconic Stoner Tees: