This Digital Print Sweater From 1991INC Boasts Quirky Characters

 - Jan 19, 2014
References: 1991inc
This has got to be the coolest digital print sweater on the interwebs. If the Internet was a person, and that person decided to design a sweatshirt, this is what it would look like. It has all the elements the Internet loves. There’s a cat, a unicorn, a video game graphic background, a gun and even Meow Cat running around at the side of the image.

This digital print sweatshirt from label 1991INC is printed with a vividly clear picture on it. In the images are a number of super awesome elements. At first you see a cat riding a flame breathing unicorn while wearing a martial arts headband and holding a golden gun. The background looks like it is from a video game. It is made of pixels and has a castle and a rainbow.