Cat Fashion Brings Out Your Inner Feline for Fall

 - Nov 12, 2013
References: romwe & romwe
This cute cat fashion sweater puts frisk in your fall wardrobe. This creative collage of cute kitties keeps you as warm as if you were actually at home holding your cat. Now you don’t have to end up on an episode of ‘Animal Hoarders’ to hug ten cats at once. Wear it while hanging out with your human pals or relaxing with your little buddy. Although the furry face of a feline is too cute not to love, maybe this isn’t the best thing to wear on a date.

The sweater is trimmed with black at the neck, waist, and sleeves. The graphic print shows a wide array of different kinds of cats. Black, grey, tabby, or Siamese, this sweater has what you want to hold. Just be careful of turning into a crazy cat lady. Oh wait, too late!