- Jul 30, 2014
Music festival hairstyles mean lots of brains, buns and more braids! This season, utilize your number one resource -- the Internet -- to get inventive with your interpretation of the braid.

One example is the 'Crown of Braids' hairstyle by beauty stylist Kristen Ess is the perfect way to rock the braid in a low-key and effortless manner. The plaited "headband" can work for both long and short hair, making it extremely versatile. The Beauty Department's 'Heart Braid' style is another sweet reinterpretation of the classic style. The inside-out french braid technique might be a little more advanced than your typical three-piece braid, but it's well worth the practice of getting it right.

Whatever your preference, you can bet there's a pretty plait out there for you.

From Angelic Crowed Hairstyles to Sizzling Side Braids: