Hairline Presents the Hebrew Alphabet Made from Parting People's Coifs

 - Oct 14, 2013
References: yarivgoldfarb & likecool
Hairline is more than a silly experiment to see whether or not the alphabet could be represented on the crowns of people's heads, it is actually a comment on the way that our looks will be perceived in the not-too-distant future. Artist Yariv Goldfarb addresses the growing number of CCTV cameras in public places and emphasizes that views of us from above will become increasingly common.

In a video, the designer presents the images of the letters of the Hebrew alphabet, as defined by parts in women's hair with the assistance of bobby pins, hair elastics and techniques like forming buns and ponytails. Hairline compiles these to demonstrate another opportunity for communication that may soon find its way into the realm of fashion.

Photo Credits: Designboom