- Apr 24, 2014
Avril Lavigne released her 'Hello Kitty' video to the public several days ago. The 'Hello Kitty' video combines confectionery, sweets, sushi and lingerie-inspired fashion. To date, the dubstep-inspired, girly track has received mixed reviews from fans and critics, as Lavigne makes yet another clear departure from her former skater-girl style that she was once known for.

Back in the early 2000s, Lavigne was the boisterous pop star that wore preppy school ties, too much eyeliner and poker-straight hair. She sung songs about boys and heartbreak with a cheeky attitude. While she has reinvented her style several times since then, her grungy fashion remains a strong influence in the fashion world. This collection of skater-themed fashions pay tribute to Avril Lavigne's old-school grungy girl looks in honor of her 'Hello Kitty' video.

These Editorials Celebrate the Avril Lavigne 'Hello Kitty' Video Debut: