Hirschy Hirschfelder Brazenly Poses in Leather for Schön! Magazine

Alice Rosati shot Australian model Hirschy Hirschfelder in an arrant teen angst-themed spread for the latest issue of UK Schön! Magazine.

Schön! Magazine is known for its outlandish and sometimes controversial shoots that like to push the pop culture envelope. Rosati shot beautiful, black-haired vixen Hirschfelder slouching against brick walls, couches and staircases in edgy leather clothes. Hirschfelder channels a boisterous attitude as she struts her stuff in edgy red overalls, ripped-up jeans and velveteen Coca Cola shirts. Throughout the shoot, Hirschfelder only glares at the camera and purses her lips; she never cracks a smile.

One of the most memorable looks from the Schön! Magazine shoot is Hirschfelder dressed up in a maroon leather halter-neck dress wearing a heart-shaped eye-patch.