Liam Hughes Sports Layered Plaids and Sweats in This Grunge Lookbook

Model Liam Hughes sports some striking grunge looks in this layered lookbook. This series, photographed by Isabella Bejarano, contains lots of plaid, hoodies and trench coats. There is a time and a place for formal wear, but these stylish grunge outfits look effortlessly cool, making them a great alternative to clean cut fashion.

These looks appear extremely cozy, combining thermal sweatpants with long jackets and plaid button-ups. Stylist Aubrey Kia is behind these layered street looks. These shots have a rebellious "I don't care" vibe to them. Hughes sports discheveled hairstyles, and poses dramatically in these grunge fashion photos. These youthful shots each have a blueish hue that adds to the mischievous nature of these grungy photos.