From Bedazzled Party Heels to Re-Branded Designer Luggage

 - Oct 27, 2014
From bedazzled party heels to re-branded designer luggage, these October 2014 luxury fashion ideas are keeping the industry's unattainable fantasy alive.

While iconic labels are re-branding and taking a more youthful approach, newer companies are looking to the past for their inspiration and are proving they have what it take to compete with fashion's most reputable and recognized names.

Whether transforming a functional backpack into a luxe, crocodile skin accessory or re-shaping the way one looks at old-world luxury, brands are finding new ways to appeal to a generation that is more likely to indulge in fast fashion rather than invest in longevity.

These October 2014 luxury fashion ideas make one long for the unattainable and aim to appeal to a select group of young stars with a disposable income and an affinity for style.