Daria Strokous is Fiercely Rebellious in 'Beauty as the Avant-Garde'

The latest editorial for Vogue Japan, titled 'Beauty as the Avant-Garde,' features the striking Daria Strokous as a punk princess channelling an alternative vibe. The editorial's title claims that the photography focuses on an avant-garde form of beauty and fashion, and that is exactly what can be seen by flipping through this gorgeous photo shoot. Instead of featuring a soft and feminine model, this editorial shows Strokous with numerous piercings, dark eyeliner, a studded crown and dyed hair. Her ensembles, too, create a look that is alternative to most seen in the mainstream fashion industry. Strokous wears everything from a lime-green mesh top over a pink bandeau, to a masculine blazer.

With this editorial, Vogue Japan has demonstrated that beauty can come in all shapes and colors. Strokous is inarguably beautiful in this editorial, but it's a different kind of beauty than the floral, understated fashions usually seen on women. Perhaps punk rock is once again beginning to infiltrate the fashion industry, but for now, it can still be considered a type of beauty that is 'avant-garde.'